New set dinner event
Ag / Sea / Forest
from chef Aleksey Chernov

May, 23
Only 10 tickets
Ag / Sea / Forest

Share a marvellous evening with your friends in Argentum boutique restaurant.
We invite you to dive in our unique atmosphere.
6 exquisite servings.
Special cocktails from our chef bartender.

First serving

Smoked turbot mousse / pine oil

Second serving

Crispy chicken chips / scallops / cheese / forest mushrooms

Third serving

Venison broth / local forest fern / scallops / black tree mushrooms

Fourth serving

Salmon / kale / Sakhalin sea grapes

Fifth serving

Venison / caviar and mussels sauce / celery

Sixth serving

Belgian waffles / fern ice cream / pine cone jam

Chef bartender Aleksey Tiuzhin has created special cocktails for this dinner.

Ticket price: 4500.-
Includes six servings and four cocktails
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