Brunch in Argentum boutique restaurant.
Every Saturday.
Every Sunday.

12:00 - 16:00
Chicken sandwich. 550.-
Chiabatta, fried chicken, chimichurri, cheese, dried tomatoes.
Cottage cheese pancakes. 350.-
Cottage cheese pancakes, sour cream, blackberry jam, fresh red basil, berries.
Porridge with berries. 250.-
Four grain porridge, berries, crumble.
Bruschetta with ricotta cheese. 400.-
Chiabatta, ricotta, tomatoes, fresh greens, burnt butter.
French omelette. 450.-
Omelette, cream cheese, salted salmon, fresh greens.
Shakshuka. 400.-
Fried eggs, tomatoes, baguette, pearl onions.
Benedict eggs. 300.-
Brioche, dairy butter, poached eggs, hollandaise.
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